Thursday, December 9, 2010

CaneLo V.s CaMeCHis

after seeing the boxing fight between El Canelo Alvarez and brain camechis. I was astonish  by the way canelo alvarez won the fight. even though it wasnt a knockout win, it was still a very interesting fight because both fighters gave it alot of heart. the reason is becouse even though canelo would punch camechis in a very brutal way, Camechis just wouldnt give up. at oe point in the fight i thought that camechis wasnt human.. lol. the reason is becouse i was very shocking to see a guy getting punch really badly yet not showing much  effects toward .   

*~HuMm ShoUld It Be~*

after analizing the leaf of the rose i had, i just couldn't go with out analizing the rose its self, there for i began to analize the rose. After analizing the rose i was astonished by its natural beauty, but other that i was happy to know that nature had the ability to comeup with such a beautiful object that has many qualitys like beautiful designing and the ability to make a girl to fall in love.know that i analize the rose in more detail i came to the conclusion,"if girls like roses, do they also feel so affectes for art"?

*~Analizing tHe Leaf~*

yesterday after school  i decide to analize one of the leafs in the rose bush we have in my front yard. After analizing it I found out the rose leafs are really amazing because they have figures and shapes that i would never suspect they would have. one of there rear shapes they have are fine shaped triangles on  every side of the leaf. When i saw this i was amazed by it becouse i never figures nature had the  capable of creating some thing with a very high quality.