Monday, October 4, 2010

^~ThE Dr0op OuT FaCtOrY~^

Me and many of my fellow classmates, felt terribly insulted because of how we where put in the spot by fox 11 news calling our school a drop out factory. The first time i hear this comment was on TV. When I hear this comment I was working on my english homework after getting back from the boxing gym. I felt very angry at this comment because even though some student drop out of roosevelt high school, we also have student that have dreams and goals for the future. Overall, I am convinced that in order for us to change the way people think about us, we need to proof our selfs and show our rider pride by doing good in test and getting good GPAs, other wise we are still going to be consider as a drop out factory school which of course no student at roosevelt high school would like to be refer as. 

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